IBT – Inclined Bed Therapy

I have been searching for something to help heal my bulging discs. I have seven of them and its been hell. Things have improved tremendously since I’ve gone mostly raw vegan. I have continued to search for a way to naturally speed up the healing process. In my thousands of Internet searches I came across Andrew K Fletcher the man who discovered something called Inclined Bed Therapy.

IBT or Inclined Bed Therapy is when you incline the head of your bed so that you sleep on an incline allowing your body to heal.  Mr. Fletcher recommends that we incline our beds at the head of the bed six inches. What he explains in great detail on his website is that by elevating the bed in this way more oxygen flows and we detox and heal our body as we sleep.

The main thing that caught my eye was a man using IBT that had been paralyzed with no chance of ever walking again was up and out of his wheelchair! I thought, if this inclined bed therapy can achieve these results for that man what will it do for me?!

I kept reading and searching for more information about Inclined Bed Therapy and found testimonials all of which were positive from people with a whole host of ailments who had seen vast improvements or had completely healed. Try IBT for yourself and let me know how it goes.

I ran out to the hardware store and bought bed risers that were just a little over the six inch recommended height. My husband placed the risers at the head of the bed, laid down to test it and promptly fell asleep in 30 seconds flat. I had a difficult time waking him. It is recommended not to rise the full amount of six inches right away but I’m in a hurry so I did it anyway! I figured I would be fine because I eat so clean and take apple cider vinegar three times a day every day.

The bed risers come in a pack of four, you will only need two for each bed and they are quite economical.  I paid just a little over $15 for these.   They are hollow in the middle and really light, you can easily pack them into your bag when you travel.

Risers designed to elevate your bed safely.

Risers designed to elevate your bed safely.

Middle support for a king size bed using incline bed therapy.

Because we have a king size bed we needed to support the bed in the middle and not just on the ends so we stacked up a bunch of magazines and my back book.

Here is what happened my first night of inclined bed therapy.

Night 1

Within the first hour my right eye began to tear and there were granules all on my right eye and cheek. I thought I had gotten something on my face, so I washed my face.

In the morning the granules were all over my right eye and the right side of my face again but this time there was a lot of pressure all around my right eye and the whole eye socket and around my temple. It almost felt like a bruise. I started to realize that this was what I called my wonky eye. My right eyelid was kind of droopy. It wasn’t really that noticeable except in pictures and when I would cry or get tired. I asked my husband to look at my wonky eye and tell me what he thought. He thought it was the other eye! I couldn’t believe it my eye no longer felt heavy as it always had but it felt light. I believe the pressure I feel in my eye is the increased blood flow where as before the blood flow must have been restricted. This is nothing short of a miracle.

Other noticeable things that occurred after my first night of IBT:

I remember my dreams quite clearly.  They were not bad dreams, just dreams.

Increased circulation in my hands, feet and gums. There was so much blood flow to my gums I could feel the pressure in my teeth.

My hands and feet which would previously go numb, had the feelings of pins in them but no numbness, actually the opposite they had more feeling.

My skin feels really soft.

I had headache from detox.  It almost felt like a cluster headache but it subsided upon getting out of bed in the morning.

I woke up quite a few times to go to the bathroom during the night and it was supposed to be the opposite. I have been holding quite a lot of water for months now. I don’t wonder if I was urinating more frequently because my body was letting go of the water.

My neck feels pretty good and my head doesn’t feel as heavy. I had a little trouble falling asleep, but I positioned my pillows one along my side, between my knees (king size pillow) and the other under my head and I fell right to sleep.

My whole body feels like it’s waking up.

My neck and back were cracking as I moved around throughout the day. It felt good!

I am extremely excited to continue with the IBT and I can only imagine what other improvements I will see in the future.


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